Yearly Committees
Committee: Centennial Committee
Description: planning for the 100th anniversary of the Renfrew Rotary Club
Chair: Janet Springer
Members: Edward Gardiner, Kathleen Lofthouse, Michael Laverty
Committee: Rotary Homes
Description: Rotary Homes provides low cost housingi to individuals on low incomes.  Rotary Homes consists of 14, 1 bdr appartments.
Rotary Homes is a separate corporation from the Club and is administered by volunteer club members.
Chair: Ronald Lavigne
Members: Andrew Humphries, Bill Ringrose, Joe Fontes, Malcolm Dewey, Natasha Goulet Bistko
Committee: Shelter Box Program
Chair: Douglas Blenkhorn
Members: Joe Fontes
Committee: Rotary Foundation
Chair: John Wilson
Members: Arthur Dick, Kathleen Lofthouse, Lona Logan-Scully, Neil Ritchie
Committee: Grants - District & Global
Chair: Douglas Ryan
Members: Douglas Blenkhorn, Kathleen Lofthouse
Committee: Music Festival
Description: The Music Festival provides a venue for youth to perform Vocals, Piano, Violin and Fiddle in front of an adjudicator.  The festival runs for two weeks in the spring.
Chair: Kathleen Lofthouse
Members: Shawn Bulger, Andrew Humphries, Dorothy Garlough, James Miller, Ronald Lavigne
Committee: Youth Exchange
Chair: Kathleen Lofthouse
Members: Arthur Dick, Janet Springer, Joe Fontes, John Wilson, Kimberley O'Shaughnessy, Russell Wardell
Committee: Interact
Chair: John Wilson
Members: Arthur Dick, Kathleen Lofthouse
Committee: Scholarships & Adventures
Members: Malcolm Dewey
Committee: Public Relations
Chair: Margie McNab-Tubman, Douglas Blenkhorn
Members: Dorothy Garlough, Natasha Goulet Bistko, Russell Wardell
Committee: Community Corps
Chair: John Wilson
Members: Janet Springer
Committee: Paul Harris Committee
Description: awarding Paul Harris Fellowships based on merit
Chair: Michael Laverty
Members: Douglas Blenkhorn
Committee: Sgt at Arms
Chair: Larry Holden
Members: Douglas Blenkhorn, Margie McNab-Tubman
Committee: Program
Description: Assist in arranging Speakers to do presentations during club meetings.  Make available ideas for presentations
Chair: Edward Gardiner
Members: Daniel Thompson
Committee: Bylaws
Chair: Michael Laverty
Members: Bill Ringrose, Margie McNab-Tubman, Neil Ritchie, Shawn Bulger
Committee: Club Historian
Chair: Michael Laverty
Committee: Membership
Chair: Dennis Yakaback
Members: Dorothy Garlough, Kathleen Lofthouse
Committee: Fellowship
Description: Organize 4-6 Fellowship gatherings throughout the year.  Includes Christmas Dinner, Car Rallies, Golf, Casino trips, YEX BBQ;
Members: Edward Gardiner, Malcolm Dewey, Margie McNab-Tubman
Committee: Golf Tournament
Description: Our annual Renfrew Rotary Golf Tournament is our major fundraiser for the Rotary Hall and the Bonnechere Manor.  Usually held in mid July or August, it is a great day of fellowship, food,  fun. and some competitive golf.
Chair: Douglas Ryan, Janet Springer
Members: Charles Briscoe, Dennis Yakaback, John Wilson
Committee: Lobster Feast
Description: Organize the Steak and Lobster Festival in May
Chair: Lona Logan-Scully
Members: Charles Briscoe, Dennis Yakaback, Larry Holden, Natasha Goulet Bistko
Committee: Renfrew Fair
Description: Organize the Bacon on a Bun Booth at the Fair
Chair: Douglas Blenkhorn
Members: Andrew Humphries, Bill Ringrose, Charles Briscoe, Douglas Ryan, Janet Springer, Neil Ritchie, Rory Richards, Russell Wardell
Committee: Christmas Goodies
Description: Arrange for sale Christmas cake and Truffles
Chair: Lona Logan-Scully
Members: Andrew Humphries, Natasha Goulet Bistko
Committee: New Projects
Chair: Shawn Bulger
Members: Lona Logan-Scully
Committee: Meals on Wheels
Description: Volunteer drivers provide meals
Chair: Ronald Lavigne
Members: Michael Laverty
Committee: Blood Donor Clinic
Description: Arrange volunteers for the Blood donor Clinic
Chair: Andrew Humphries
Members: Daniel Thompson, Larry Holden
Committee: Hwy Cleanup
Description: Arrange volunteers to clean up 1 km of Hwy 17 in spring
Chair: Shawn Bulger
Members: Andrew Humphries, Dennis Yakaback
Committee: Parade Committee
Description: Create and organize volunteers for the annual Santa Clause parade float
Chair: Dorothy Garlough
Members: Arthur Dick, Dennis Yakaback, Douglas Ryan, Janet Springer
Committee: Community Humanitarian Aid
Description: Provide financial assistance to local people who request aid through formal channels
Chair: James Miller
Members: Bill Ringrose, Margie McNab-Tubman