Congrats To Emily Saumure from St Joe's High School and Alexa Narezny from RCI.
Through our partnership with Delta Bingo we are able to continue to provide our annual scholarships
Every Year the Rotary Club of Renfrew give a scholarship to a student at St. Joes High School and Renfrew Collegiate Institute.  The criteria for the scholarship is based on community service, not marks.  The recipient must demonstrate Passion,  Commitment and an Interest in Community Service . 
This year the scholarships went to Emily Saumure from St. Josephs High School and Alexa Narezny from RCI.  Emily is going to Ryerson for an  honours BA in professional communication.  Alexa is going to York University for Film Production.  We wish both of these students success in their studies and look forward to seeing where they go in their future.
Our partnership with Delta Bingo has allowed us to continue offering the scholarship since Covid has prevented us from some of our usual fundraising.
Another Scholarship the Rotary Club of Renfrew is proud to provide is  the Frances Wilson award.  This scholarship is worth $3000.  ($1000 over three years) and is funded from the estate of Frances Wilson through the Rotary Club.  This is presented to a  student pursuing a career in nursing.  The recipient for June 2021 is Mallory Delarge from RCI.