Friends of Rotary - Meals on Wheels

                                       FRIENDS OF ROTARY
Friends of Rotary are a group of volunteers connected with our Rotary Club who help us with our commitment to serve our community.  These volunteers play an integral role in this as well in the fundraising initiatives that we do throughout the year.
Here we have one of our dedicated friends of Rotary, Larry Wilson, delivering meals on wheels to Hospice Renfrew.  Costs of the meals on wheels program as well as our contributions to Hospice Renfrew are made possible in part by our involvement with Delta Bingo
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We Meet virtially using Zoom

Our club meets regularly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month beginning at 12:10 p.m.
If you would like to join us for a virtual meeting, please contact our President for private link.
Guests and Members are encouraged to join the meeting early for a pre-meeting chat.
Hope to see you soon.
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The Rotary Club of Renfrew, together with myFM, is HELPING AT HOME.
Our goal is to provide some financial aid for anyone in need.
Our community has responded with amazing support raising over $21,000 including $5,000 from Renfrew Rotary, $2,500 from Renfrew metro and $2,500 from MacKillicans & Associates.
Thank you to everyone who has donated.

We’ll make sure we help those who need it most, here at home.

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Renfrew Rotary Music Festival

Once again the Rotary Club of Renfrew is hosting the Rotary Music Festival.  
Click here to access a copy of the Music Festival Program
This festival provides a forum for music students to
*  learn to prepare for a performance at a finished level
*  Help the competitor acquire self confidence by playing before an audience.
*  Give the competitor the benefit of expert criticism from an unbiased adjudicator
*  Broaden the musical horizon and sporting instinct of the competitor in competition
*  Raise the standard of music in the community
The vocal portion of the festival runs from Aril 23 - 25 at the Renfrew Presbyterian Church, 460 Raglan St.
The piano portion runs from April 28 - May 2 at Trinity St Andrews United Church , 291 Plaunt St.
The festival finishes with an Awards Ceremony May 7 at Trinity St Andrews United Church 7 - 9 pm 
The Awards Ceremony is free and everyone is welcome to attend.
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Major Projects

The Rotary Club of Renfrew has undertaken a large number of local projects which benefit people of our area directly. They include:

This is a new District Project aimed at assisting the poor in El Salvador by providing goods and expertise. Several Clubs are involved. We also have several members who have ‘adopted’ children and are helping to support them.

We are currently raising funds and have pledged $80,000 in support of Hospice Renfrew. To date we have donated $8,000.

The Rotary Club built low cost rental housing for seniors in 1955 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Rotary. It still administers them today.

One of the only 7 day-a-week Meals on Wheels programs has been a part of Rotary for many, many years.

Our $70,000 pledge IS COMPLETE!!! AS OF AUGUST, 1999. In all, we have donated over $150,000 to the hospital over the years.

This Easter Seals Camp for the physically challenged has undergone a massive rebuilding of its facilities helped by the Rotary Club of Renfrew’s $75,000 pledge. THIS PLEDGE IS NOW ALSO COMPLETED. We also support the cost of sending children from our area to camps each summer.

Since 1982, more than 20 Renfrew and area students have had the opportunity to live for a year in a foreign country and a similar number of students from other countries have enriched the lives of our community by spending time here. Our students have traveled to and lived in countries as diverse as Sweden, Japan, France, Australia, Germany and Holland. In-coming students have been from Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Japan among others.

The Rotary Club of Renfrew had a very long association with the Easter Seals Society and was an ‘Easter Seals’ Club’ going back 60 years or more. Although we no longer have a formal association with Easter Seals, Rotary continues to support challenged youth both locally and internationally.

Each spring, Rotary sponsors the local Music Festival. This is a very large event requiring many months of work to prepare.

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY – Renfrew Rotary has adopted the part of Highway 17 between O’Brien Road and County Road 6. At least two times a year, we remove the litter from the sides of the highway.

We support Rotary’s world-wide programs by donating to the Rotary Foundation on a regular basis. This year, we hope to donate a minimum of $100.00 per member.

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Rotary International, Renfrew Rotary build a Splash Pad to benefit the citizens of Renfrew by providing a unique aquatic experience. Located at Ma-te-way Park, it opened on July 1, 2005 and has been in high demand throughout the summer. This project, in conjunction with the Town of Renfrew, cost about $100,000 to construct



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