Every wonder what the Rotary Club does with the money we raise?
Every Year we commit to help support other organizations,  Our current ongoing commitments are
* Hospice Renfrew
* Robbie Dean Centre
* Foodbank
* Nursing Scholarship
* Scholarships at RCI and St. Joes
* Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Club of Renfrew organizes the following projects
* International Youth Exchange Program
* Meals on Wheels in partnership with RVH
* Music Festival; Annual festival since 1945
* RCI Interact Club
* Rotary Homes
Projects in the area
* Ma Te Way park washrooms, 2018
* Existing  Splash Pak at Ma Te Way
* Centennial Project is a New Splash Pad, 2022
* Teachers Against Povery
* BMX Track Renfrew
* Sledge Hockey Renfrew